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Video F.A.Qs.

Written F.A.Qs.

Prior to joining us for tea time, please take the time to review our commonly asked questions so that you may know what to expect!

When are you open for tea time?


We offer public afternoon tea on Fridays at 2pm, Saturdays at 11am and 2pm, and Sundays at 12pm and 2pm. Tea times outside of these hours are by private arrangement only, and require a two week minimum when scheduling.


Do you require reservations?


Yes, as seats are limited. Also, requesting a reservation with us allows us to make note of any allergies present, or children joining your tea party. Reservations are not considered confirmed until you have received a confirmation email or text message from our management team.


How can I book a reservation?


For our guests’ convenience we offer online booking through TableAgent.com. You may also request a reservation via email at victoriangracetearoom@gmail.com.


I want to book over the phone, can I call?


Of course! The tearoom may be reached 24 hours a day at 813-653-2662. Please leave a detailed message with your name, contact information, and how we can help you. All calls are returned within 24 hours by a member of our management team.

Additionally, you may also schedule a call with our management team at a time that is convenient for you by sending an email to Victoriangracetearoom@gmail.com!

Will you be open more days during the week?

Absolutely! As of right now, we do not have a date for opening more seating times, but it is on the horizon! Make sure you sign up to receive our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook to receive up to date announcements as the fun unfolds!

Help! I want to book a large party online, but I am getting an error message!

Not to worry! To book parties of 5 or more guests, please reach out to our management team directly via email at victoriangracetearoom@gmail.com!

Please note: Parties of 5 or more require a $100 deposit, to be taken off the final bill. This deposit is due two weeks in advance, or at time of booking, whichever occurs first.


Do you allow children?


We love all of our guests, including our youngest! Please be advised that the nature of our tea service may not be suitable for children under the age of 2, and that a $50 fee will apply for damages that may occur, should it be necessary. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible attendant over the age of 16.


Do you have a children’s menu?


Yes we do! Our children’s tea is offered during our Sunday noon tea time, for a discounted price of $17.80 per child’s seat. This features a choice of tea or lemonade, two tea sandwiches, a scone and cream, and dessert. This menu is available during our other tea times as well, however the standard seating price of $29 per seat applies.


My child is a picky eater, may I bring food from home?


Unfortunately food safety regulations prohibit the bringing in of outside food or beverages in to our tea room.



If my child does not eat the food, do I still need to pay for their seat?


Yes, prices for our tea times are charged by the seat. If your child chooses not to enjoy their food during your tea time we would be happy to box it upon request for you to take home to enjoy.

May my child share my plate?


Our portions are designed for one patron to enjoy, and are plated as such. However, if you wish to share your portion with another guest, a charge of $17.80 will apply. Please keep in mind that any additional portions ordered at time of seating are subject to a la carte pricing and availability.



How long are your seatings?


We ask that all guests allot two hours for their service, to allow for late arrivals and relaxation. However, we try to conclude service within 90 minutes.



I’m going to be late for my tea time! Do I need to reschedule?


If a party is going to be more than 15 minutes late for service we will ask the party to reschedule. If a majority of the party has arrived and is willing to continue service while waiting for the late guests, we will do so at our discretion. We reserve the right to elect to reschedule a party’s tea time at any time prior to the start of service.



Do you accept walk ins?


We do maintain a walk in list, but cannot guarantee service without a reservation confirmation.


I wanted to make a last minute reservation, can I do that online?


Online reservations close 48 hours prior to service. To make a last minute reservation,  please send an email to our management team at victoriangracetearoom@gmail.com



Do I need my confirmation text or email when I check in?


Yes, as the reservation notes and guest count must match the confirmation at time of seating.



The number of guests has changed since I made my reservation. Is that a problem?


Any additional guests not listed on the reservation confirmation may be sat at our discretion and are subject to availability.*

For large parties and private events, guest cancellations may result in a loss of deposit. To learn more about our cancellation policy, please view our Large Parties and Private Events- Frequently Asked Questions page.

*To avoid rescheduling of your tea party, please ensure that the number of expected guests matches the actual number of attendees at all times. To make last minute changes to an existing reservation please send us an email at victoriangracetearoom@gmail.com



Do we order off a menu?


We offer a variety of menus, experiences, and upgrades for our guests’ enjoyment. However, we do not allow changes or substitutions  to our tea services (except in the case of medical/dietary necessity). Our seasonal menu varies throughout the year, and the current available menus and services are available for perusal under the Menus section of our website, on our social media outlets, or posted in the tea room. Menu selection is made at the time of reservation, to allow us to adequately prepare for your tea time.

Please note, all guests with a medical or dietary restriction must inform us via email at time of reservation, in order for an appropriate substitution to be made at no charge. Guests are responsible for making management aware of any restrictions prior to service. Loss of product or service due to an undisclosed restriction will result in the guest being charged a la carte for the substitution. We reserve the right to not service any guest whose medical or dietary needs are not conducive to our service. Any questions about accommodations can be sent to victoriangracetearoom@gmail.com.



Do your prices include tax?


Yes, all of our prices are tax inclusive.


Is gratuity included?


For parties of 5 or more, or for private events, 20% gratuity is applied. For regular service, gratuity is optional and appreciated!


I don’t like something on the menu, can I change it out?


We do not offer substitutions to our seasonal menus. However, we do offer a customizable menu experience starting at a $6 upcharge per guest. The break down for this service can be found under our private events and large groups section of our website.


Can part of my party choose one menu, and the other choose another?


Unfortunately we do not allow parties to split menus.



I have questions about booking a private event, where do I go?


Our rate card can be found under the Private events and large parties section of our website. For your convenience we have also included answers to our frequently asked questions specifically about our events here.



For all other inquiries, please send us an email at victoriangracetearoom@gmail.com!