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Tea List

Victorian Grace is proud to offer the finest selection of

Harney and Sons Teas

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APRICOT - Nutty flavor & dried apricot pieces        


APPLE CINNAMON - Apples & cinnamon flavor

BLACK CURRANT - Infused with berry flavor & dried black currants

BOSTON - Infused with cranberry & almonds


CARIBE - A blend of black & green teas with strawberry, guava & a hint of coconut


CRANBERRY AUTUMN - Black tea infused with cranberry, orange & dried cranberry pieces

DARJEELING - Black tea with bright citrus notes


DIAMOND JUBILEE - Earl Grey with notes of lemon and grapefruit


EARL GREY SUPREME - Traditional black tea blended with bergamot oil


FRUITS D’ ALSACE - French dessert tea infused with apricots, cherries and plums


HOLIDAY TEA - Citrus infused black tea with almonds, spiced with cinnamon & sweet cloves


HOT CINNAMON SPICE - Sweet cinnamon, with sweet cloves & orange

MANGO - Infused with tropical flavor of mango & dried fruit pieces


PARIS - Black currant with warm notes of vanilla & caramel

PASSION FRUIT - Tea infused with pieces of dried passion fruit pieces

PEACHES & GINGER - Sweet peach flavor & spicy ginger pieces


Flavored Black Tea

Decaf Teas

MID-SUMMER’S PEACH - Decaf black tea scented with fresh peach flavors


DECAF HOT CINNAMON SPICE - Sweet cinnamon, married with sweet clove & orange rind


DECAF PARIS - Black currant & warm notes of vanilla & caramel


DECAF DARJEELING - Black tea with bright citrus notes


ORANGE PEKOE - Notes of citrus and honey


SPICED PLUM HERBAL - Hibiscus with cinnamon and plums.

Non-Flavored Black Tea

ENGLISH BREAKFAST - 100% Chinese Keemun


IRISH BREAKFAST -100% Assam tea


QUEEN CATHERINE - A blend of 3 Chinese teas; Keemun, Panyang and Yunnan

Chocolate Teas

AMBESSA CHOCO NUT - Black tea with velvety undertones of dark chocolate, caramel and peanuts 

CHOCOLATE - Black tea with an indulgent chocolate flavor

CHOCOLATE MINT - Chocolate  infused with crisp peppermint leaves 


FLORENCE - Chocolate infused black tea with hazelnut flavor

SOHO BLEND - Delicious blend of chocolate, coconut, and vanilla 

VALENTINE’S BLEND - Chocolate infused with a sprinkling of rose petals

Green, Oolong, Rooibos

BANGKOK - Green tea infused with ginger, vanilla, coconut and lemongrass


CITRON GREEN - Green tea with a delicate blend of citrus and orange flavors


TROPICAL GREEN - Blended green tea with a dominant pineapple flavor


POMEGRANATE OOLONG - Full bodied oolong infused with a sweet pomegranate flavor

PUMPKIN SPICE - Rooibos tea with pumpkin and warming spices

Special Occasion Teas

BIRTHDAY TEA - Decaf black tea with rosehips, vanilla and assorted berries


CELEBRATION TEA - Black tea with apricots, hazelnuts and cinnamon


ROYAL WEDDING TEA - Mutan white tea with almond, coconut, vanilla and rose petals.